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When bacteria build up in the anal sacs, it can cause an infection. It can become so painful and itchy that your cat may show signs of fear or anger. Its important to treat an infection right away or it may turn into an abscess. Your cat may try to relieve the irritation by scooting his rear on the ground or frequently biting or licking at it. Your veterinarian can express, or empty, the contents of the anal glands and treat for infection, if needed. Infected anal glands are treated with medication, usually liquid antibiotics that are infused into the anal gland. An infection may only be the beginning of the problem if our cat has problems with their anal glands. If our cat has liquid coming from their anus as described in the previous section, we should take a look at the gland itself. When the gland becomes red, then purple as well as enlarged, we can suspect an abscess has formed. Feline anal glands become problematic when the ducts become blocked, a condition called anal sacculitis. Problems can also occur if your cats anal sacs are making too much fluid. This keeps the substance from coming out of the ducts, causing it to get thicker and possibly allow infection to form.   anal gland problems in cats what you need to know anal gland disease in cats is not very common, but when they do become infected or diseased they can be a really painful problem. Find out the causes of anal gland problems, the signs and symptoms to look out for and then the best ways to treat and prevent them in the future. Anal sac disease in cats can be caused by bacterial infection or gland impaction. Bacteria can infect the anal sacs due to the close proximity of the glands to the anus. Feces naturally contains healthy bacteria from inside the colon, which can travel into the ducts during a bowel movement. Infection leading to abscess infected anal glands become swollen, painful, and red. If caught in time, the infection may be treated with antibiotics, however, abscesses must be drained by a veterinarian.   where there is anal sacculitis and infection within an intact anal sac, the authors would generally select a topical antibiotic. A suitable protocol might include, after sampling the sac for cytology and culture, to flush the sac using an antiseptic solution such as chlorhexidine and triz edta, and then pack it with a topical antibiotic.

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